The Power of Flexibility

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The system designed for beauty and performance

An innovation of BDA, XT Flex is a multi-functional display system which can be tailored to expand your office space, create a retail concept and bring your artistry to life. The XT Flex system has merged the functionality of its features with design to produce creative, minimalist and streamlined concepts.


With its lightweight and flexible features, the XT Flex is easily transformed to meet your display system needs.


Effortlessly reconfigure the XT Flex system based on your space and size requirements.

Flat Packed

Flat packs mean optimised loads and cost-savings in transportation and storage.


The XT Flex system is made from aluminum which consumes less energy to recycle than other metals such as steel.

Easy to Assemble

4 men 4 hours 40 sqm
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Unlimited Possibilities

In developing the system, BDA created a minimalistic yet multi-functional design so that you have the power to refresh your brand’s identity with great flexibility. With the blank canvas that is XT Flex, have the ultimate freedom to deliver a premium retail experience for your consumers.



Pearl Izumi


The Body Shop


BDA Showroom




Globalshop 2016


BDA Office


Euroshop 2014

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Do you have expansion plans for your retail, office or other spatial needs but are concerned with costs? Contact us today and let us show you what our XT Flex system can do for you.

System Features

LED Backlit Panels

Explore different ways to create the right ambience for your environment.

Graphic Slots

Differentiate your brands and product categories with the system’s graphic slots.


Allows you the flexibility of attaching display accessories anywhere along the length of your XT Flex system. Adjustments are made effortless with our quick-release & spring gliders.

Multi-directional Links

Explore different ways in planning for and optimizing your space.

Wedge Link

Create one-of-a-kind structural frameworks to give your customers a unique dimensional experience.

Triple Slot Design

Our triple slot design gives you the flexibility to display your merchandise and branding elements simultaneously.

Cable Management

Conceal unsightly cables and wirings within the hidden spaces of the XT Flex System.

Flat Packed

The XT Flex system is designed to be flat packed, making shipping easy and affordable.

System Components




1-Way Link

Our connectors can be used independently or attached together to create various framing options according to your needs.


2-Way Link

Our connectors can be used independently or attached together to create various framing options according to your needs.



For fastening without damaging the extension.


Spring Glider

Locks your shelves in place with a round spring-loaded peg which can mount directly to the extension (receiving hole).


QR Glider

Locks your shelf in place with a QR lever.


90 Degree Link for Dive

Allows XT drop to be positioned to client’s preference.


Graphic Holder

These slots allow fabric graphics to be held in place.