19 Concepts. 11 Years. Worldwide.

We create to deliver. Fulfilling our customers’ needs for timely delivery and excellent customer service has always been our top priority. Whether it is pre or post store opening, BDA consistently adds value to every stage of the operation. With our commitment to your business, you can be assured of high standards and low costs.

Design & Development

BDA’s team of experts uses their extensive knowledge of design engineering to provide customised solutions that address your design requirements with fixtures that are easy to install and maintain. During this developmental stage, we will provide a prototype sample of the product(s) so that you can be assured of functionality and quality, before proceeding with production.

Value Engineering

We are constantly challenged to maintain international brand integrity while simultaneously reducing costs and are proud to say that our clients have been pleasantly surprised that we are able to deliver high quality products at low costs.

There is no secret formula on how we achieve this. We simply think out of the box and apply our extensive knowledge from the industry. Our resourcefulness and accessibility to local materials help to reduce your production and shipping costs.


Using our own facilities, we use only the best machineries and experts to provide customised manufacturing of mannequins, metal, wood and acrylic products. And because of our dedication to conservation, our lean production processes achieve not only efficient but also cost effective products.

Project Management

BDA offers project management service to give you a peace of mind on every step of the roll out. From close monitoring of the production schedule to stringent control of the installation process up to providing you with a store opening evaluation report, you will be assured of timely delivery of products and services with the highest standards.

Warehousing & Logistics

Our 15,000m2 of warehousing facilities mean that we are fully equipped to fulfil all your logistics needs. In addition, our network of regional distribution centres allows you to save on shipping costs while ensuring timely delivery.

On-Site Supervision & Installation

Installation in all parts of the world can be tricky because the local contractors have different ways of working. BDA can provide on-site personnel to supervise the installation anywhere in the world so you can be confident that your brand integrity is maintained and any matters that arise are dealt with immediately and timely.